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2017 Wrap Up on Spotify

2017 was filled with many trials and tribulations for our society, but in the midst of the chaos,  a new music duo has taken the world by storm,  Heretic Klick a music Group from Texas has stamped there names in the music industry even thou the music industry has no idea who they are?  Without major music connections,radio or media promotions 

Heretic Klick has still found it's way to thousands of peoples ears all around the globe.  But How?

With 61 Countries , 477K fans and 124K Hours Heretic Klick proves that good music gets heard no matter what.

 " We do it for the the streets" We do it for all of us " says Heretic Klick.  How have you guys managed to get heard I asked Wicked-T From Heretic Klick?" We don't know exactly just like millions of people do ,we just put it out there and hoped people liked our music"  Sin-X the lead vocals for the group says that" Good music finds the peopleand the PEOPLE  will spread the word"  check out the group on spotify. 

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