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Metal Talks Heretic Klick on Spotify

Heretic Klick hit a huge milestone in there music career by teaming up with Spotify. The group landed a spot on Metal Talks playlist. Although Heretic Klick is a Rap Group There Grungy Metal Rap sound landed them the spot. There songs "Slayed" and "Breakdown"  are featured in the Metal Talks playlist. No other way to put it but the songs Rock.

The spot is not the first time a Rap artist has been playlisted but a big accomplishment for the group. "Just being played in the same rotation with bands suck as Slikpnot ,Iron Maiden and much more is a huge honor, never in our wildest dreams did we think we'd be played along side bands we jam to" said frontman Zack "Sin-X" Tamez, Lead vocals of the group. 

The Group will be featured for two weeks in September.  Follow, Listen and Like #Hereticklick  

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