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Heretic Klick hits the studio.

Heretic Klick started recording a new album, At platinum music complex in Dallas Tx, working along side Brenton (B-Eazy) Barge . The new album has a new gritty sound but still keeps the Heretic Klick style. Sin-X has original beats that he has made. Although no name has been set for the new album recording is underway.

The much anticipated album is due to be released sometime early December 2017.

Heretic Klick is also working on a side project, "Killer Karaoke" a slue of cover songs performed by Heretic Klick. This should be interesting. 

Songs from Linkin Park ,Stonesour,  Nirvana and much more the "Killer Karaoke" album is something worth listening to.  Stay tuned and follow Heretic Klick on  and 

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